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At Intrasoft, we are a team driven to providing excellence in asset management information systems.

Our system is comprehensive and extensive, our main focus is asset management, mainly operations systems, systems for planned and emergency maintenance, helpdesk ticketing systems and other modules with other associated features.

Our software is ready to help with optimization of company processes. We are prepared to integrate our system not only with your internal applications, but as well as with systems of your customers and suppliers.

Who are we?

Intrasoft is a Czech company founded in 2005.

Our client portfolio includes leading companies in their respective fields. Our team contains skilled consultants, analysts, programmers and managers with many years of experience. This allows us to expertly understand your processes and provide feed back on their setup – with a follow-up implementation of improved processes into our system.

Our goal is a long-term satisfied customer. We treat each customer as an individual with specific needs and requirements and do our best to meet those needs. We are open to new views as well as being pro-active.

We do our best to provide our customers with cost-effective solutions, rather than building complex structures at astronomical prices.

Our business is built on values of honesty, fairness, morality , respect and openness. We strictly reject any form of corruption.

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