Comprehensive ticket management

Our helpdesk allows effective bilateral communication – ensuring both parties are aware of the current status of resolution. Using workflows, automailing and our mobile app, our helpdesk ensures a quick and efficient resolution of customer tickets according to their needs.

Helpdesk focuses

Our ticketing system can be applied in the following scenarios:

  • Facility management helpdesk
  • Internal helpdesk
  • Customer helpdesk
  • Communication in a branch network

Intrasoft Helpdesk is a comprehensive software for asset management ticketing that runs in a web browser. This allows universal accessibility, without the need to install any packages onto end user machines. Furthermore, the system can read e-mail inboxes and communicate with customers via e-mail. Our mobile app allows easy ticket entry, as well as on-the-go ticket resolution. Monitoring time spent and associated costs is a matter of course.

Helpdesk features

Active communication

Our helpdesk alerts you to new tickets, resolution progress, escalations or other custom parameters via e-mail, message or through our mobile app.

Integrated e-mail client

Each ticket has a complete history of communication. Should an employee fall sick, fulfillment of customer tickets can easily be transferred to a colleague.


An unlimited number of workflows is possible. For each department, for each process, for each customer - individualized settings for escalation, claims, invoicing, ticket resolution etc. are possible.

SLA, deadlines and escalations

Our helpdesk monitors deadlines for you. As soon as a deadline approaches, our helpdesk can alert you via any preset communication channel, as well as escalate the ticket to a superior worker.

Costs under control

Each ticket allows the monitoring of associated costs. As well as an overview of time spent with ticket resolution, it is also possible to track any other desired parameters, such as consumed supplies or prices for subcontractor services.

Business cases

Each ticket can be translated to a business case, serving as a record for customer invoicing. Our system then allows the creation of an invoice which can then be sent to the customer automatically, including transferal into an ERP system.

Purchase orders

Purchase orders for services and supplies, workflows for approval, direct communication with suppliers and customers, monitoring budgets.


Would you like an overview of budgets, tariffs and extra work by asset or department? Our helpdesk allows the categorization based on all entered parameters and by period (month/year). Rights to drawing from individual budgets, as well as approval rights per ticket, are fully definable.

Helpdesk templates

If responses to some tickets are common, it is possible to create a template for these responses to aid in quicker responding.

Custom parameter definition

It is possible to define custom parameters to be monitored for each process, without the need for a programmer or customization.

A basic helpdesk portal allows the monitoring of typical ticket parameters – type, priority, time, solver, department, building, etc. Usually, each department has its own specific requirements – for example, your HR department will require a more detailed categorization, which will however be different from that of your IT department. Should you use our helpdesk as a customer-oriented solution for FM, it is common that each client will have his own set of parameters to be entered and monitored. To meet all these requirements, it is possible to define custom parameters – buttons, datasets, text fields, date fields and so on.

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