Company web portal

A place for all your employees to meet and share information, with a common goal – to standardize and improve processes.

Main benefits

Benefits of our intranet system include

  • Save employee time
  • Increase productivity
  • Conserve intellectual capital
  • Increase in-company awareness

Intrasoft EFM is a modern software for facility management.

Intranet features

Dashboards and reporting

Data from our system, or integrated systems, presented in an easy-to-understand format, allowing you to spot trends and patterns.

Company Wikipedia

A company-wide resource base by employees for employees - always up to date, ensuring everyone has the latest and confirmed information.

Publication of information, news and files

Allows an effective sharing of information and news through a news bulletin. Files can be shared and their history tracked.

Internal tickets, tasks and requests

Using our helpdesk, it is possible to effectively delegate in-company tasks to individual employees and monitor their resolution progress.

Company calendar

Important meetings? Deadlines and due dates? What about birthdays? The company calendar has it all!

Phone book

A centralized phone book that can be connected to the HR and onboarding modules, as well as to customer helpdesk. Again, information such as phone numbers, rooms and departments and e-mail addresses are stored centrally, ensuring you only need to change them once in the whole system.


Reservations of meeting rooms, as well as cars, devices (computers, tablets, phones) - all possible and easily managed through our reservations module.

Company bulletin

Keep everybody up to date on what is going on inside your company.

Discussion forum

For employees, as a method of feedback, allowing discussion on hot topics and ideas for company improvement.

Media monitor

Monitors various media feeds and displays news and information relevant to your preset preferences.


The CMS allows editing, sharing and working with documents, with advanced features such as tracking changes, versions and revisions, with respect to user rights and pre-defined workflows.


For company events, sharing information on new products and services.


All important documents in their latest revision - as well as all previous revisions that are traceable.

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