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Our Services

service support • system integrations • custom software

A satisfied customer is our priority! We take pride in what we do and we are always happy to help with whatever needs you may have.

Service support

We offer service support as standard to our whole portfolio of solutions. Standard support is provided during working days, critical support is available 24/7, 365.

For our clients, where there is an emphasis on round the clock availability we offer premium support with dedicated employees, who focus on solving customer requests with as little lag as possible.

Regular software updates are a part of service support, furthermore, service support also includes database optimization and a backup & recovery plan to ensure uninterrupted operations should hardware or software fail.

System integrations

System integrations allow us to connect two or more systems into a functional unit.

Integrations don’t have to only include systems that are inside the company. Increasingly, we are integrating systems between suppliers, to facilitate information exchange.

We have thorough experience with system integrations and we support all possible means of data transfer that are available today. We have our own integration server that is ready to aid in data transmission. Due to the fact that during system integration, usually, 3 parties are present (our customer, his supplier and us), we are ready to coordinate all activities during the integration project, i.e. communication, analysis, architecture, documentation, execution, testing and support.

Custom software

Custom software fully respects the clients needs and requirements and is applicable where commonly available solutions cannot fully covercompany processes. Such software saves costs, since you only pay for functions that you truly need – not those that you don’t.

Due to the existence of our own software solutions, we divide custom software into two categories. The first, system expansion modules, or module revisions, including the creation of integration links to other system, to meet the customer’s needs. The second is a complete system built-to-suit.

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