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Intrasoft EFM

Software for asset management

Facility management software Intrasoft EFM ensures effective and comprehensive management of your assets and all associated tasks – from regular and emergency maintenance, through purchase orders and invoicing, to CAD visualisations and document archiving.

Process modules of Intrasoft EFM

Ensure supervision of maintenance tasks, divided into the following groups:

  • Device management
  • Helpdesk
  • Energy management
  • Pasportization
  • Document archive and CAD visualizations
  • Planned maintenance and revisions
  • Dashboards and reporting
  • Mobile app

Intrasoft EFM is a modern software for asset management that runs in a web browser. This allows universal accessibility, without the need to install any packages onto end user machines. The system works with data intelligently, allowing insights and spotting patterns that would otherwise go unnoticed. An integrated workflow engine allows the automation of predefined tasks and processes, thereby ensuring their adherence – making outputs excellent as a standard.

Functions and features


Data from our system, or integrated systems, presented in an easy-to-understand format.

CMS - shared information

The CMS allows editing, sharing and working with documents, with advanced features such as tracking changes, versions and revisions, with respect to user rights and pre-defined workflows.


Bilateral communication between the entrant and solver, ticket workflows, filing claims and approval of resolutions...

Service system

Information regarding devices, maintenance tasks, dates of statutory checks and manufacturer recommended service, maintenance overviews, including click-throughs to associated documents

Purchase orders

Purchase orders for services and supplies, workflows for approval, direct communication with suppliers, monitoring budgets.

Invoice approvals

Allows the automation of approval processes based on data recognized from imported invoices and the transferal of approved invoices directly into an ERP system.

Energy management

Metering overviews, entering of meter readings, energy consumption evaluation.


A centralized dataset of all assets, with detailed information on buildings, sectors, floors, rooms, including a construction passport.

Contracts management

All company contracts are stored in this module, including contracts with customers and suppliers, employees..

HR and attendance

All important information on employees, including their attendance and preparation of records for wage calculations.


Allows the automation of worker recruitment, including a system for displaying vacancies and evaluation of candidates.

Post services

For both incoming and outgoing mail, and associated tasks.

Document archive

All documents related to your assets are available from one location - CAD drawings, construction documentation, provided services and their scope...

Sales cases and invoicing

Allows the direct conversion of maintenance tasks into sales cases and their invoicing to the customer.

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